One of the best Osaki massage chairs on the market today

Osaki is one of the pioneering developers of the pre-programmed and self-use massage chairs. Today, they are market leaders coming out with new variations that carry newly installed technologies not used before. These technologies include digitization and the optimal use of software. There are others too. One of the latest and best Osaki massage chairs available for online purchase and order is the Osaki OS-4000 Executive Zero Gravity Shiatsu.

By now, most interested readers have heard of the ancient Japanese medicinal and artistic massage craft of shiatsu. It is understandable to believe that such a practice could only be provided by fully professional masseuses specializing in the ancient Japanese medicine. Go to authoritative and informational sites such as and see if you can sift through some background information on how the Japanese developers were inspired by their own medicine.

But in order to make better informed decisions on which Osaki model to choose, readers should also operate their reading schedule wide of the source and the direct provider of authoritative and informational product guidelines. For instance, if they want to derive full benefit from the shiatsu massage therapy, they do themselves the huge favor of hovering their mouse towards sites that talk more extensively on the ancient Japanese medicinal practices.

But readers who wish to be spoilt for choice and enjoy as much variation as possible can continue with their Osaki OS-400 Executive reading. This massage chair not only includes shiatsu modeled techniques, it also includes those inhered from the Swedish specializations. There are also kneading, rolling and clapping exercises to get through with the machine. Not feeling quite up to the Executive standard, readers can still sample some of the other Osaki models on display.